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Schumann Resonance

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Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonances are a set of frequencies found at the very top of the spectrum of extremely low electromagnetic frequencies in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Schuman’s resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, triggered by the electrical discharge of lightning in a cavity located between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. BioGreenShield Schumann generator produce the stable Schumann Resonance frequency of 7,83 Hz.

Lewis Hainsworth

Lewis Hainsworth is one of the founders in the field studying the influence of Schuman Resonance (HR) in human physiology. Hainsworth has determined that the Schuman’s resonant frequency changes with changes in the ionosphere. Light flashes and acoustic signals in the range of 3-30 Hz have biological effects.

Body Revitalization

It is an undeniable fact that revitalization processes in the human body are stimulated and accelerated when they are in the zone of influence of the frequencies of the Schumann Resonance. It is also known that today we are overwhelmed by various microwave irradiations that hinder the beneficial effects of the natural Schumann’s resonances.

BioGreenShield Schumann Generator

BioGreenShield Schumann Generator is an exact device that produces a frequency of 7.83 Hz and is measurable with the simple appropriate instruments. Enable yourself to live in a important natural life frequency environment.

What Happens When the Schumann Resonance is Missing in Our Environment

When the assumption is made that Schuman’s Resonances are very important for the proper functioning of a human organism, the ways in which such an assumption and experimental determination have been established.

Example no. 1 - Schumann Resonance Missing

One of the most famous experiments of this type was carried out by a German scientist E. Jacobi at the University of Dusseldorf. During the experiment, volunteers – students spent four days in a specially isolated room where no external electromagnetic waves could reach. During the experiment, students began to have frequent headaches and show more and more emotional disorders. When on the last day they were exposed to radiation of a frequency of 7.83 Hz, all these symptoms disappeared after a unbelievably short time.

Example no. 2 - Schumann Resonance Missing

Outside the magnetic field of the Earth over a longer period of time, early cosmonauts lost about 80% of the bone density due to the lack of action of the Shumann Resonance. Scientist, Michael Persinger developed Schumann wave generator (7.83 Hz), specialized for space flights that have the ability to continuously transmit SR wave, thus overcoming this undesirable effect.
Schumann resonance enabled the normal functioning of the human organism.


Our Story

It is indisputable that the presence of Schumann Resonance in our environment greatly contributes to the quality of life. For this reason, we recommend that you provide your family and yourself, or your work environment in your company, with the privilege of the presence of Schumann Resonance in the rooms where you spend most of the time during the day.

BioGreenShield Products

BioGreenShield products were created as a need to raise the quality of the life environment. These are devices that will truly and in an exact measurable manner, enter into your environment the frequencies which will enhance your regenerative and revitalizing capability by their actions.


How  BioGreenShield Schumnann Generator is Used?

So simple to use. It is enough that you activate the device by turning it  with switching adapter in the power supply and place it in the room where you spend the most of the time. Than you have your own Schumann Resonance in your home or office.


Zapper is a digital microprocessor-based appliance designed according to Dr. Clark’s principles. At work, high-frequency products produce a single-voltage pulse signal (current) of low voltage intensity and allows the selective destruction of pathogens (parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi) in the human body without damaging any human cell in any way. Such a signal, which, through adequate copper electrodes, comes into our body, is devastated by the widest range of pathogens.

How does Zapper work?

All organisms emit their characteristic range of frequencies. The more organisms are more primitive, the lower their frequency band. Higher organisms have higher frequency, and their range is wider. The use of unidirectional pulsating currents within the scope of an organism destroys it. Small (lower) organisms with narrow frequency range, after treatment with this signal, disappear quite easily. A positive voltage offset frequency can kill a whole range of lower organisms (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi …) in only seven minutes.
Disclaimer: This device is for experimental use only and is not intended as a medical device.

Technical Description

Automated pre-programmed zapper sequence as recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark at frequency of 30kHz.

Continuous modes also available at ~0.7kHz, ~2kHz and 30kHz.

Sweep function continuous mode at the range of 500kHz to 0.1kHz.

2 LEDs to indicate mode/frequency selection and low battery indication.

Stainless steel handholds for long lasting durability.

Sleek built-in electronics and battery compartment design for ultra portability.

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BioGreenShield Schumann Generator is certainly our main product. But, BioGreenShield is also great system for distribution natural and organic products. Our BGS system isn’t going to save the world. But it might help to increase sustainability.
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What People Are Saying

We are not what we think, we are what others say.
I have a very responsible job and I have a lot of hard work. Over the last year, especially in the past three months, I felt very exhausted. I tried with various energies and nutritional supplements and I can not say that I did not have short-term benefits from them, but generally my condition did not improve. I accidentally found an article explaining the influence and significance of the Schumann resonance. I could not resist, because I’m not really a person who is used to fatigue can not achieve what I want, and I decided to buy a BioGreenShield Schumann Generator. I wear it sometimes even to work, because it became clear to me in a few days that the exhaustion simply disappeared overnight. I have nothing to add except – the investment has returned to me very quickly and repeatedly.
John Deo CEO, Media Club
My mother is a very impulsive person and prone to wrangles and debates. Often these tendencies grow into very stressful conflicts. We did various examinations with specialists, but nothing was revealed that would indicate any kind of medical disorder, except that it was found that an emotionally irritating person is within normal behavior. We got the Schumann Generator to test and for a long time we have peace in the house. She seemed to feel from time to time that she was missing something in her behavior, but what was lacking was exactly what our entire family was burdening. I hope it will continue.
Vera Vukov
I am a consultant in a small IT company dealing with a lot of stressful activity. For a long period of time, despite excellent salaries, we have often abandoned jobs by officials. It can not be said that there is some specific reason, because the employer keeps very precisely everything that is his obligation and the bonuses are not negligible. However, people are leaving. I advised the responsible person to get the Schumann Generator, simply for the reason (in our business it is a known thing) that if this appliance does what it should be doing, it would have to have a much more harmonious and less stressful atmosphere within the premises of the company. That’s exactly what happened. We have for the first time a period of six months that none of the employees has fired. On the contrary…
Mark Dempsey

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