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EMF Protection

EMF protection is today’s practical elemental need of every household, business and social organization in which people, especially children and health-disabled persons, stay for a longer period of time.

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How can BioGreenShield Shuman Generator Protect You From Non-Ionizing Radiation?

BioGreenShield Schumann Generator is not a radiation protection device, but its secondary effect has an undeniable influence, both preventive and functionally, can help on protection of the organism against exposure to electromagnetic radiation. How?

EMF Protection – secondary influence

When taken into account, the conclusion is drawn that there is a certain storage capacity in the human organism when it comes to the external effects of EM radiation – on the one hand, and certain defense mechanisms that are able to more or less annoy the potentially damaging effect of the EMF radiation.

In most studies on the influence of electromagnetic radiation on the human organism (when it comes to non-ionizing radiation, we mean the types of radiation that at present do not change the structure of the atoms, or, in our case, the structure of biological cells), it was concluded that there is a certain amount the adaptability of the human organism to EM radiation when these could damage the functionality of the human organism in their peaks. Also, there are people who are exposed to EM by exposure to radiation, directly endangered by health, indicating that such persons do not have such an adaptability ability. Again, on the other hand, it is undeniably proved that the impact of EM radiation can be the cause of various health and functional disorders.


Electromagnetic Waves can be divided into the following categories:
Extremely low frequencies (ELF) 3 to 30 Hz; Super low frequencies (SLF) 30 to 300 Hz Ultra low frequencies (ULF) 300 – 3000Hz Very low frequencies (VLF) – from 3 to 30 kHz; Low Frequency (LF) – from 30kHz to 300 kHz Middle frequencies (MF) – from 300 kHz to 3 MHz High Frequency (HF) – from 3MHz to 30MHz Very high frequencies (VHF) – from 30MHz to 300MHz Ultraviolet Frequencies (UHF) – from 300 MHz to 3GHz Supervisory Frequencies (SHF) – from 3GHz to 30GHz Extremely high frequencies (EHF) – from 30GHz to 300GHz


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EMF protection is a very important topic and requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

There are many different devices and gadgets on the market that are allegedly being used for EMF protection. We do not want to make an opinion about them but we are sure that BioGreenShield Schumann Generator has some impact to protect us from different electromagnetic fields by rapidly regeneration our body and that’s how it works secondary EMF protection.

If you wish, you can freely contact us and we will send you many valuable free tips  how to make your own extra EMF protection.


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We live in a world of enormous and very rapid changes. The technology we use today can already be a history for two years. Is there in the present that there is something that is primordial, and at the same time necessary for people? Yes, it does! Our mother planet has one frequency without which we can not function normally. At the same frequency, our brain waves are in neutral mode. Yes, that’s why we made an effort to get back to our environment what it belongs to naturally – Schumann Resonance!


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