AMERICAN HEALTH: Probiotic Acidophilus Blueberry, 16 Oz


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Help maintain your daily digestive health and optimal intestinal balance with liquid milk-based Probiotic Acidophilus.* Acidophilus helps to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive and intestinal tracts, encourages proper nutrient absorption and promotes overall immune health.* Beneficial bacteria can be altered by many factors including the taking of antibiotics.^^ Acidophilus is an ideal way to enhance our positive flora.*

American Health® liquid probiotics provide a perfect way to supplement naturally with acidophilus – they are formulated with a high microorganism concentration level per serving and are easy to ingest. Each serving delivers 20 billion hardy cultures^ of three specially selected strains of Lactobacillus including L.acidophilus, L. bulgaricus (the original Metchnikoff strain) and a strain from the Pasteur Institute, in a yogurt-like base of predigested milk solids. With American Health® liquid probiotic acidophilus, you can support your digestive health and feel good all day…every day.*

^^Note: Probiotic Acidophilus is not intended to serve as a replacement for antibiotic medications, nor should you discontinue taking any prescribed medications while supplementing with Probiotic Acidophilus.




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