LIDDELL: Vital Age Defiance Spray, 1 oz


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Thousands of men and women worldwide already trust Vitàl Age Defiance™ to be both safe and effective when they are feeling run down. This breakthrough “two sprays, three times a day” sublingual homeopathic spray is doctor formulated to help you look and feel the way you used to feel. Excited? Who wouldn’t be excited about a product shown to be effective in 5 months of clinical testing to improve how one feels, performs, and to increase the quality of life with improved sleep? Now it’s your turn to experience the amazing effects of Vitàl Age Defiance™. Feel your energy return, and sleep better too!
Liddell’s homeopathic Vitàl Age Defiance™ is manufactured only from pharmaceutically produced ingredients.
Vitàl Age Defiance™ is for adults only.






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