Schumann Generator

Our mission is that these blessed, nature-based data from people’s disturbed frequency, will be again present in our environment.
People definitely disrupt nature, but we can also restore it.
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Stable Frequency

It is very important that a device of this kind emits a stable frequency, otherwise it could cause random changes in mood and uncontrolled influences when random changes in frequency.

Top Quality

In order for such a device to function steadily and efficiently, it is necessary that all components are made of high quality materials and that they are maximally integrated and protected.

Rustic Design

The device is designed so that its natural rustic exterior can be a decoration for almost any interior, while its functional and action is at the maximum level. A good looking device that can be part of any place in your home.

Why Buy BioGreenShield Schumann Generator?

Undeniable effect

BioGreenShield  Schumann Generator generates and produces a stable Schumann resonance. The fact and level of the frequency are easily measurable and provable using the appropriate measuring devices. You can always check over.

easily portable

The device is lightweight and compact so it can be easily and simply transferred to another room or other object.


The device is absolutely safe to use. Magnetic flux density is 7-10 Micro Tesla. For example, this is much less than regular cell phones has.

Impact on the environment

It does not affect the operation of electronic devices and appliances and does not interfere with their functioning.

Product Construction

The Schumann Generator is made of the finest materials depicted for the properties and functions it performs. The quality of materials and the decades-long experience of constructors in the field of electrical and electronic appliances guarantee a long service life, permanent functionality during operation and certainly absolute safety when using.

It’s Time for Recovery

Business and social obligations require a lot of time, effort and energy. The modern way of life requires the need to live and work in environments that are full of electronic and electrical devices, which directly burdens our revitalization system. Likewise, the night-time regime is completely disrupted, and when we consider that the vast majority of people live in urban areas that are devoid of the natural impact of the Schumann resonance, then it is quite clear that the natural revitalization abilities of the human organism in the 21st century have been severely disturbed. It is therefore almost completely understandable that the application of the BioGreenShield Schumann Generator should practically be the need of every household and business environment.
“The day we know exactly what electricity is, that day will be the most significant date in the history of mankind.”

Nikola Tesla

How Biogreenshield Schumann Generator Works

Schumann resonance acts as a natural tuner for our biological oscillators.
In his book “Mega Brain Power,” Michael Hutchinson says that the frequency of 7.83 Hz is one of those that have many positive effects on humans, ranging from faster recovery and wound healing to faster learning. When the biological system oscillates at this frequency, it is in a state of harmony with the magnetic frequency of our planet, with a natural electromagnetic matrix for all life on our planet.

BioGreenShield Schumann Generator produces a stable 7.83Hz frequency that successfully operates within a 7 meter radius.
This is possible thanks to the highest quality elements, excellent technical solution and power supply, which provides sufficient power for the generated frequency to be broadcast in such a large space and that the other frequencies present are not suppressed.

Our Experts

BioGreenShield is a well organized team composed of young and experienced experts.

Helena Burton

Founder and CEO

Thomas Adams

Electrical Engineer

Juanito Fernandes

Business Developer

Mark Jarret

Product Manager

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